Submit your quote ...

Many of the jobs offered on Proz.com and other translator sites require, that you "submit your quote".
BUT ...
then you get "offers" like the following one.
Job type: Potential Job
Service required: Translation
Languages: Japanese to German
Job description:
    Medizinbericht (means "medical report")

Contact method: Please submit your quote via ProZ.com by clicking the "submit quote" button below.
Company: Fachuebersetzungsdienst GmbH

Yet, there is no information about
-    specialty (orthopedics etc.)
-    volume
-    due date
-    any other special requirements.

Is it only me? How am I supposed to "quote" on something I have absolutely no information about?
Would these people barge into a car dealers office and yell: "I want to buy a car. Give me your quote" without specifying the kind of car, maker, model, options etc.? I doubt it.

This company is a very big company with offices almost all over the world. I would like to think, that this is proof of them being "professionals".
Do professionals ask this kind (quote for a car ...) question?
I thought professionals know better .....