Well, everybody nowadays seems to be in an unbelievable hurry.
Likewise everybody seems to be obsessed with millions of "time saving" little tricks. Or is it fashion???

Today I came across this expression in a post on a mailing list:
"The puter I'm trying to run it on is ..."

Maybe someone can enlighten me.
What exactly is "gained" by omitting the three characters "com".
It takes maybe 1.4 seconds to type them. If you "save" 1.4 seconds, what are you using them for later???
Or is there somewhere some other hidden "added meaning"???

I guess, this is just one of the million things I will never understand.
After all, I am about 300 years behind my time ...



The other day I receive a translation job, which came with very specific "instractions" from the client.
They were very concerned about "Be sure to perform spelling error check on MS Word."

"Mistranslation, untranslated texts, misspelling are not allowed for this project. Be sure to check all of them before you deliver the file."

Let's have a little look at those "instractions", and 1-2 samples from the source text, that needed to be translated "word-for-word".

"These texts was written so that they will be translated in many languages and used in different countries."

"Do not allow liquids, combustible materials, metallic objects, or any other foreign matters to enter the device."
"The accidents may damage your camera or other equipment."

Be my guest to form your own opinion of this source material.
As "instracted" I tried to render them as closely as possible to the original - which did result, naturally, in an unacceptable (to my taste) mumble jumble.
Only for some passages that were simply too far out of this world, I took the liberty of bringing them in the translation at least back into the upper atmosphere.

The readers will surely have their fun - and most likely make fun of the maker that provides this kind of nonsense.


変換ミスやミスタイプ(英語ではよく "typo" = typographic error とよばれる)は日頃誰にでも、どこでも起き得るものだ。

「成果移住」 - 暫く考えて、色々と調べた。