You have heard of "email" or "e-mail", right? (who hasn't)
But do you also know what "femail" is?
No. Of course not!

This appeared in a Japanese professional journal related to acupuncture, in an article written by Japanese researchers in Japanese about Japanese patients for a Japanese audience. I have absolutely NO IDEA, why a questionnaire for the patients had to be in "English".
It is supposed to be an ACADEMIC journal. There I think it would be appropriate to expect something with some degree of an "academic level".
What they wanted to express was: male - female.
Apparently incapable of using a dictionary, this "female" mutated into "femail".
Elementary school students would be scolded for that.

Naturally, paired terms come in certain predetermined sets, like here: man - woman / male - female.
But no, it had to be Man - Femail.


email / e-mail などは聞いた事あるでしょう。
でも "femail" ...???
それは鍼灸の専門雑誌で誰が恰好を付きたくて:日本人の著者が日本人患者を相手してアンケートを実施し、その「アンケート」は全部英語で書いてある。冒頭に男女を表記して欲しい所(当然の英語はひどく間違っている)"Man" / "Femail" が出て来る。