Translation - publishing

After a real printed book (in Japanese) of mine was published in February (2013) I am not about to publish my third ebook. The first was my autobiography, also written FIRST in Japanese, which I later rewrote, not translated, in German.
Now I am about to publish my third ebook, this one in English, listing a few personal views about why I think the Japanese acupuncture is better suited for the world population than the Chinese "authentic" style. Hopefully, it will go online in about 2 weeks.
It will surely make me a lot of enemies. If I should disappear suddenly in the middle of the night ... try asking the NSA and their hit squads, the newly formed Japanese copy of that wonderful agency, the Japanese NSC, or maybe the Chinese mafia, scared to death of people expressing opinions not meeting the standardized party line ...

After writing these four books, I definitely feel, that formulating one's own ideas is more interesting than converting somebody elses ideas into another language.

Although none of my books has really sold, the ebooks do not sell at all, I am planning to work on three more. My next target is the translation of a book by a Zen priest who I met shortly after my arrival in Japan. An encounter that changed my life.
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翻訳 - 出版

今年の2月に出版されたちゃんと印刷された本以外に今三冊の電子書籍 (Amazon, Kindle 版)を出版した(三冊目は多分来週辺り出来ある)。全部でこの一年で4冊、3ヶ国語(日本語、ドイツ語、英語)で。





"is there any way of producing an automagical date in a XXX document?"

Wow. "Automagical" – you don't have to do anything, the date (a girl?) will work magic all by its own.
I also would love to have an automagical calendar.
No telling, what that thing might be able to do ...