For all those, who read German ...

During a translation (about a lubrication pump) I am currently working on, I mistyped a word

"suction filter" -> Absauffilter

THAT would be the day ...
(proper word: Absaugfilter)


Stinker ...

"I love this program (Scribus) and have been using it ... for books, music, stinkers and lots of different things ..."

I take the liberty of assuming that the intended meaning was "stickers", but then again, you never know ...



Today I receive a "private message" via a translator site. The poster IS posting, however, "job offers on about all translator sites I know.
In the private message it said, the "payment is fixed". When I asked what that means, I got the following answer:
"Per thousand characters translated from English to Japanese You will get paid $1;
For every 400 characters translated from Japanese to English, you will receive a payment of $1.
Your income depends on the amount of work you do. Its scope of work and time, you can determine for yourselve."
(this is about translator from Japanese into German)

This is about 0.007 USD per English word, or about 0.0025 USD per Japanese character = 1/40 of what I usually get.
How come, I am not jumping with joy and just dying to work for those peopel ????????????????????????????

The person posting these ads is:

Kristina Vayner

Netherlands (it says HERE, but her posts on all the major translator sites come from all sorts of "addresses" and "IP addresses". THAT cannot be good!