English: Mount Fuji, Japan
English: Mount Fuji, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is always amazing how superficial knowledge and wrong information prove to be so much stronger than the "real" thing.
This picture shows an entry in a German-Japanese dictionary, published 1972, calling the highest mountain in Japan "Fudschijama".
I have seen this on English sites too, even official sites of the American government!!!

However, no Japanese ever calles the mountain by this name.
It is "Fuji-san", where "san" is the character for MOUNTAIN - and NOT the honorific "Mister".

In Germany there are probably MANY more people who know the "Fudschijama" than those who know its real name.
This kind of artificially created 'misunderstanding' is NOT helping to improve communication between different cultures ...


Free ebooks

Good evening
Last year in February my first book (printed) was published.
After that, I wrote and published 3 more e-books. Those are commercially available (Amazon, via Smashwords.com practically all worldwide distributers of such materials), but it turned out, that they "do not sell" - at all!
A Japanese colleague bought ONE copy of the book about Japanese acupuncture and a Lady I knew from my days in junior high school bought ONE copy of my "life story".
That's it.

Therefore I decided to make those via my website available for free*:
(* I WOULD be glad, if people could bring themselves to offer a little "donation" (about 2-300 Yen) AFTER reading those. I mean, if they enjoyed the material.)


None of the those books are any sort of academic/scientific work or literary masterpieces.
Only the things a 3rd-class craftsman/phsical laborer has to say - as long as there is theoretically some "freedom of speech".
In particular I would like people to have a look at the little work about Japanese and Chinese acupuncture.
That is just my personal opinion after 30 years of practice.
I believe, the Japanese form of acupuncture is much better suited for most of the world's population = non-Chinese people, that the so-called "authentic Chinese acupuncture".