WHO fraud!!!

Over ten years ago I ordered a book published by the WHO, providing some conclusions related to the FAILED project "HFA2000" = "Health for All by the Year 2000".
The conclusion was / is, that modern western medicine simply CANNOT provide even halfway "sufficient" medical services for ALL of mankind.
For that the help of traditional medicine is required:
"Traditional Medicine and Health Care Coverage. a Reader for Health Administrators and Practitioners"; Bannerman Iarc,R. H. Bannerman

At the time I ordered the book, it was "out of print" and I thus ordered it as "print on demand"
AND paid upfront for it. (I cannot find the receipt right now, but I know I have it somewhere)

Since then I not onl DID NOT receive the book, which seems to be available as printed book again, but I never even got an update about the printing status.

Not considering the other activities of the WHO ... as long as the WHO as an organization engages in TRADE with merchandise / services (books, publications)
-> http://www.who.int/publications/en/ ... the one and only acceptable international rule applies:
The WHO provides products/services in exchange for the money paid by the customer.

I DID pay my money.
WHO never sent me the paid product or informed me of any changes in order status.

THAT ... is called FRAUD in ANY business ALL OVER the world.

Trying to "reach" the WHO seems impossible.
I tried to contact serveral offices, sent mails to several different addresses, tried to sent fax messages to number shown on the website ...
NOBODY, EVER even tried to answer.
Replies to mails are automated messages made by robots.
Fax machines NEVER respond.

Another characteristic of a scam organization.
You have all those fancy web sites, phone numbers etc., but they apparently are just a deceptive scheme.

I called the WHO Japan - a completely unrelated, independent organization.
They told me, that even they have no means of "getting in contact" with the WHO except for some occasional email.
The "WHO people" apparently talk ONLY to high government officials or people offereing billion dollar donations.

Please feel free to "spread the word" about the WHO.