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Again and again I get job offers through a number of translator sites like Proz.com etc., like this morning, where the offer sounds like this:

"We are looking for some one to translate around 4 pages from Japanese to English. Please let us know let us know the cost and turn around time of the translation."

However - and I DO NOT think I need to mention this to ANYONE actually "working" in the field -

"translate around 4 pages from Japanese to English"

can mean a lot of things: from hand written pages with only a few characters per page to fine print patent specifications, where "4 pages" would be 15 pages of translation. Naturally, both costs and turn-around time will be different.

So, what would I supposed to offer this outsourcer?
I have seen similar job offers over the past 15 years (since working via the web has become fashionable) countless times and am really wondering, if the outsourcers placing these job offers are incapable of understanding the significance of being SPECIFIC in their offer, when they want a SPECIFIC (cost, time) answer.

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than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to
control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by
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homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson, 1802
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