It's HOT ... too hot for the equipment ...

Weather (Photo credit: Jen SFO-BCN)
Recently it is very hot in Japan. During the summer it is always hot, but we are having a stretch of VERY hot weather. That means outside temperatures of over 35 degrees celsius at a relative humidity of around 80%. Hundreds of people througout the country are taken to hospitals with symptoms of heat stroke. (there have been a not insignificant number of deaths already)

Personally I ride my bicycle for excercise even in this weather.

However, when I cam home last night and wanted to continue my translation work, the monitor shortly lit up and then simply faded out. By that time temperature was already down to I guess 29 to 30 degrees.

So I had no choice and used my note PC to do some work and came to the conclusion, that the monitor has finally reached its life span.
However, I also noticed, that TWO digital clockes showed missing digits in their display.

This morning I tried (with little hope) and switched my monitor on  --- and it worked.

Apparently the weather was too hot for my equipment!
The monitor yesterday had suffered a heat stroke.
I also noticed, that the ventilation fan of my computer seems to be working VERY hard.

I have to finish one translation today.
It seems I have no choice to turn on the air conditioning to keep my equipment online. And that in the face of the current insufficient electricity supply.
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