Facebook - insanity continues

I posted before about the insanity of facebook requiring me to use BOTH my real AND a false name.

This continues!
There is a field where I am supposed to enter my (in this case my clinic's) address. It has been 18 years since I opened this little acupuncture clinic of my own. You can find me at this address in any which way you choose. Google aerial pictures show the house.

BUT ... behold: facebook tells me: "Oh no, there is no such place"

Isn't that wonderful!

I tried to find out what's going on, "googled" around and found that other people have the same issue, tried to enter my address in ***ANY*** possible way. There are two fields for it, so you can distribute the portions of your address on these fields differently.

But NO!!! combination works.

Again - being required to be a real person to start with, but at the same time sent into the underworld and declared a ghost.

Could anybody tell me what exactly the purpose / advantage of this "virtual reality strategy" is???

I am only an ordinary mortal man and therefore this logic (?) is way beyond me.

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