I have been critisized in the past for assuming that a certain job offer might well be fraud, because its details were almost textbook style scam.
Well, today I received another of those things, that look at least TO ME very suspicious.

"Hello ... have a project extended of 2 Lakh words where we need german & swedish native speakers with good experience for long term.
Project Details
Language : German & Swedish
Words : 2 Lakh
Domain : Business

People who can do Sample to be done of 900 words apply here."

A "sample" of 900 (???) words?
Nobody who anything about translation (the people who are supposed to "evaluate" those samples ...) needs almost 5 pages of text to assess the capabilities of a potential translator. I can tell from experience!

So, if these people insist on their 900-word sample, place their job offer worldwide, get maybe 100 people to do such "sample", the company in questions already gets 450 pages of translation done for free!

Am I really the only one, to whom this sounds strange?

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