Proz slave market activities

Today I got a "job offer" through Proz.com  --  a site which I cannot help but consider to be a sort of slave market, where people offer jobs at unbelievably low rates - and some people actually respond to those job offers working for those rates:

"This job is from engineering/industrial domain.
Job Title: Surface Drilling Equipments
Number of Files to translate: 1 (Bilingual table, in .doc format)
Word Count: Total - 37741;
Translatable -29231 (rest is numerical values)
Estimated Deadline: 10 days from the day of handover.
Job cost: 600$US
Translators/Agencies may quote for translation/DTP separately or jointly."

That means 0.02 USD per word.

If I were to work for that company, the work itself would contribute to me and my family starving to death (in Japan!).

But I suppose there ARE people, who can work for that ...


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  2. Consequence of this new-age global recruitment scope, while 600 USD might be nothing in Japan, the same amount might save your ass in India, mostly if you are a foreigner!

    I am not saying its right, there are certainly many companies and outsourcing players taking advantage of these kind of scenarios.

    From my perspective in the end, these are secondary effects of the decadent financial system that unfortunately rules our crazy world.. delegating power from the people to companies and corporations, we are just prostitutes with weak consciousness...

    very interesting, thanks for sharing!