This morning I got (again) one of those wonderful (Chinese in this case) mails:
> We have one file to be translated from Japanese to english, one
> part is around 7000 japanese characters, second part is around
> 10,000 japanese characters.    It is text about law, can you
> please take one part of it?  Our deadline is 17:00 on Feb 3 at
> Tokyo time.  Price is 0.04 USD per english word. Our payment term
> is paypal or moneybookers.

Which was just followed by the name of sender.
(Admittedly, searching through the footer of the mail allowed me to find that person's Proz.com profile.)

The above numbers (7000 characters, quite complex material) indicate about 20 pages of translation and deadline would be about 24 hours later. (Not to mention that PayPal would swallow about half of the earned in form of "fees")

Personally I consider (and told the sender) a mail with no identification of who the sender is, what company s/he works for or any contact information as shady.VERY shady!

And the rate: 0.04 USD/word is a joke, isn't it?
Given the current exchange rate, this EXTREMELY low.
On that rate I could not make enough money to "put food on the table" = LITERALLY, even if I were to work 36 hours a day.

I told the sender (actually located in Hongkong) so, whereupon he replied:

"The file is attached and our info is as blow, please let me know whether you can translate the yellow part of the file."

I don't know about everybody else, but apart from irrealistically too cheap I consider this an offense. An attempt to make a fool out of a translation WORKER.

Are the Chinese not supposed to take particular care of the WORKER COMRADES???

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