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I have heard about "google translate" before, but never used it before. Recently an acupuncture colleague sent me an English text, which he "put through google translate" and wanted me to have a look and if necessary iron out mistakes.

Well, what I received is frankly unintelligible! I have to translate the whole thing myself from scratch.

To check, I copied a 2-line Japanese text into the translation field and selected (a) German and (b) English as the target language.
The results are shown below.

Neither can be understood, unless you KNOW the Japanese meaning or else someone provides extensive explanations.
This proves, that "machine translation" will for some time NOT become any sort of thread to the service I provide.

Source text:

Wir verdanken.
Von Zeit zu Zeit tut mir leid, was kann ich den Scheck wieder.

We indebted.
From time to time I'm sorry, what can I have the check again.

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