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I don't know about you, but to me the following seems a little strange. Am I alone with this feeling?

"Hello friends i have japanese to eng projectof 3 lakh wrds the project is for 15 days so i need multiple translators who can translated atleast 3[HIDDEN] wrds per day..this is a big project so lowest proposal will be given prefrence ..please send me ur cv with per eng word on"

First of all, I had to look up "lakh" in the dictionary:
Definition of LAKH
1:  one hundred thousand <50 lakhs of rupees
2:  a great number
— lakh adjective
Origin of LAKH: Hindi & Urdu lākh / First Known Use: 1599

The all those irregular spellings ... could it be, that the author (a project manager at a big translation company) does not know? Do the translations done by that agency maybe look similar?

"wrds" - What exactly is gained by omitting a single character?
"i" - indicates the author is "humble" ??
"ur" - this change from "your" must also be of some strategic value I just fail to see ...

Maybe these people have been studying with Linus ...

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