Excellent ...

Time and again these excellent messages alight in my mailbox:
On 3/18 a message is posted on translator websites, saying:
"Deadline- 20th Mar / Please let us know only if you are available. I want to assign the file to one who have excellent knowledge of the domain."

I do ask: ".. do you also offer excellent rates?"

The answer is: "Surely everyone wants to work on excellent rates. I cannot force anyone to work for us until unless I am offering him expected rates."

When I state the rate Japanese companies pay me:
The best we can offer is USD 0.04/word of translation and USD 6/hour for review. I know it is way below to your rate but hope you can understand the existing market rates."

Natually, on 3/20 (the deadline!) the same post appears again.
Funny, could it possibly be, that some people do not want to work for peanuts? Unimaginable!


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