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Good evening
Last year in February my first book (printed) was published.
After that, I wrote and published 3 more e-books. Those are commercially available (Amazon, via Smashwords.com practically all worldwide distributers of such materials), but it turned out, that they "do not sell" - at all!
A Japanese colleague bought ONE copy of the book about Japanese acupuncture and a Lady I knew from my days in junior high school bought ONE copy of my "life story".
That's it.

Therefore I decided to make those via my website available for free*:
(* I WOULD be glad, if people could bring themselves to offer a little "donation" (about 2-300 Yen) AFTER reading those. I mean, if they enjoyed the material.)


None of the those books are any sort of academic/scientific work or literary masterpieces.
Only the things a 3rd-class craftsman/phsical laborer has to say - as long as there is theoretically some "freedom of speech".
In particular I would like people to have a look at the little work about Japanese and Chinese acupuncture.
That is just my personal opinion after 30 years of practice.
I believe, the Japanese form of acupuncture is much better suited for most of the world's population = non-Chinese people, that the so-called "authentic Chinese acupuncture".

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