Wagner Consulting International

"Wagner Consulting International.
Location: New York C.
I hope this finds you well. I’ve got an EN-DE project around 700 words, which needs to be done by 4PM CET today. Budget will be 25 USD.
Junior Project Manager"

Well, that is 0.035 USD/word - while it is not clear whether this means source or target words.
Presume you use a 200 word/page format, that is then 7 USD per page.

I don't know about everybody else, but to me (and I believe a large portion of the western world) this is PEANUTS.
Also I take the liberty of doubting, that anybody with a family living in New York could survive working for this slave rate.

As a company - Wagner International - should be ashamed of itself asking people to work for this rate!


  1. Well if you are a translator, you should also know that the rate is calculated from the source words. 25 is peanuts, but there are also many people calling themselves translators when they are not. The fact that you speak a language does not mean that you know how to write that language and over the years I have realied that there are more of that kind of translators than real ones.

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