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English: Graph showing Euro and Japanese yen e...
English: Graph showing Euro and Japanese yen exchange rate from January, 1999. 日本語: 1999年1月からのユーロと日本円の為替レートのグラフ。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Again! One of the the MANY unbelievable job offers via Proz.com.

"Languages: Japanese to English
i need Japanese to English translation of 3250 Japanese Characters,
i need this urgent , within 10 hours.
Budget and payment details:
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    $10.00 USD to $10.00 USD total
    ($0.00 USD to $0.00 USD estimated per char)
    Further payment details: 10 $ for 3250 characters
    Estimation in your preferred currency (using today's conversion rate):
    797.885 JPY to 797.885 JPY total
    info Preferred expertise: Law/Patents"

3250 Japanese characters to be translated into English is according to the commonly applied rules here in Japan about 9 pages. Subject matter seems to patent related. In that case is the text everything but easy.
And the offered TOTAL payment is 10 USD.
That is 1.1 USD per page of patent translation from Japanese to English.

Everybody who wants to do it AND can make a living on that rate, please raise your hands.

This is definitely not the first time that sort of offer has been published on Proz.com. See also:

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