Common sense???

This is nothing new and if there are things that appear strange to me, it is probably because I "just do not get it". And if I am too stupid to "get it", it would probably best to shut up and say nothing.
Yet, I cannot help it ...

The other day there was again one of those "magnificiently strange" job postings on Proz.com. In this case I could not help but write a mail:

Good evening from Japan
Japanese-English translation is what I do for a living in this country (= Japan)for almost 30 years.
Don't you think:
"Since the volume of the work is very high we need a very minimum quote.
Best quality work required." (quoted from the job post)
that is a contradiction???

If you want to buy high (highest???) quality products - ANY products, anywhere on the world - you will have to pay a higher price than for cheap junk.

A high volume may warrant some discount, but NOT "a minimun rate for best quality work".

But, as I said, I am most likely too stupid to see the logic and reason behind the posting.

A little later, in a different post it says:
"Only patent translators will be entertained."

WOW! The translators are being pain peanuts, but they are still "entertained". What kind of entertainment will this be??
The author probably meant "will be considered ..."
The proof of the high quality standards of the professional agency ...


And yet another one:
"The translator should be a full time freelancer and be able to provide 100% error free quality."

Unfortunately, I can speak only for myself, but "100%" error-free?
I always thought the idiom "nobody is perfect" has appeared in the English speaking cultural sphere PRECISELY because "100%" error-free is NOT possible for "erring humans" -> "to err is human".

Or are they maybe hiring robots and this is another example of me "not getting it" ???

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