my facebook page related to translation/interpretation:

Good evening
I am trying to set up a new "facebook page" related to translation:
Translation and interpretation used to be the basis of our livelihood, but for various reasons the amount of translation work has been steadily and DRASTICALLY decreasing over the last few years.
Even though I do not really understand, how this facebook thing works, I will give it a try in an attempt and "promoting" my work as translator/interpreter.
Facebook appears to be like the morning newspaper: you buy it at the station, read it in the train and discard it at the station where you get off ...
That is why I will continue to use my various blogs to list and archive my little articles.

Although I really do not understand the meaning of those "Like" things, I am told it will be "good", if somebody could on the "Like" button of the page.
I would really appreciate that.
Thank you in advance.
Thomas Blasejewicz

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