Fair trial

As a translator one either contacts new companies or else IS ASKED by new companies to work for them. In either case the translator is likely to be asked to do a trial/test free of charge. Over more than 30 years I have been asked a million times to do these trials and actually did many. Recently, however, I am getting very tired of those. Why?
Well ... you do those tests = spend maybe hours to do work FOR FREE, have to wait a sometimes unbeliebable long time for the results, and when they finally tell you, you have passed the test, the company discloses "their rates". It then turns out, those are unacceptably low. If I knew in advance those rates ... I would not have done the test.
I now ask companies up front to disclose their rates, since there is really no point in working for free, only to conclude later, that working for the particular company is "out of the question".
To be a FAIR trial, I believe the companies should disclose their rates up front!

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